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TarotKey was born of a desire to spread hope. Life is full of beauty and possibilities, but we must have hope and the will to act to reap its rewards. We need courage in times of darkness. We need gentle reminders that there will always be a new day and we need each other, for love, support and kindness.

Stay strong and strive and let the wisdom of the ages help you garner HOPE and INSPIRATION.

about Tarot

The Tarot deck is anchored by 22 trump cards called the Major Arcana and four suits of 14 cards known as the Minor Arcana.

A beautiful story unfolds through the Major Arcana of the life of an innocent man. His life journey is represented by each card, beginning with The Fool, where his innocence sees him explore life with wonder and enthusiasm, free of the confines of fear. Wisdom is gained along the way and shared through the cards. The journey ends with the World representing mastery, achievement and fulfillment.

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The Empress Tarot Card


Strength Tarot Card


The Star Tarot Card Face




The game of Tarot has a evolved over the years from a deck of cards used in gameplay to a deck used by fortune tellers and cartomancers to predict the future.

Numerous versions of the Tarot deck have emerged, but the deck most commonly associated with fortune-telling is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck which was introduced in 1909.

TarotKey has drawn wisdom from numerous Tarot decks and interpretations and tweaked it to fit the present day. It reveals the wisdom of ages expediated by technology, human advancement and time.


Tarot cards first came into being in Europe in the 1300’s. In fact the first known usage was in Berne, France where they were introduced as playing cards. The game’s popularity rose quickly and its usage soon spread across Europe.


It wasn’t until the 1750’s that Tarot cards were first used for fortune-telling in Italy. By 1780 the use of Tarot cards for cartomancy or fortune-telling had become popular in Paris, driving beliefs that the cards could be used to predict future events in peoples lives.


Tarot cards still provide joy to people the world over in gameplay and cartomancy. And while our increased understanding of cause and effect might change the way we look at Tarot predictions, there remains an ever present need to garner wisdom, hope and inspiration. A TarotKey reading lets the universe decide which messages, insights and ideas will best support you on your journey.

TarotKey Chariot Tarot Card

The Benefits

Your Life

Your life is an open book, you can turn the page to see what happens next or you can take action to write the unfolding pages. A TarotKey reading can help you find meaning and purpose in a world that is forever changing and challenging us.

TarotKey not only unlocks the wisdom of the ages, but it encourages you to forge ahead using your inner wisdom, and ever building your knowledge and skills for the betterment of you, your family and the community at large.

use tarotkey to unlock:-

Hope – Wisdom – Courage – Self-belief – Answers – Guidance – Direction – Support – Inspiration – Motivation – Strength

More About You

Your Character

Identify your strengths

You can use the TarotKey cards to gain insight into your character. Perhaps you have strengths you were unaware of. Or perhaps the cards will reveal character traits you would like to build. Remember, our character is not set in stone. It is evolves as we do and we can take active steps to improve our actions, our reputations and our outcomes.

use tarotkey to build self-esteem:

Courageous – Noble – Nurturing – Inquisitive – Enthusiastic – Loving – Learned – Wise – Strong – Fair – Giving – Insightful

Which traits will you reveal?

The Empress Tarot Card

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