Ace of Cups

Heartache can healed by drinking from the metaphoric Cup of Life. The Ace of Cups is representative of that very cup. Life, love and healthy emotions can literally be restored by taking a sip. Balance,

This cards suggests that a long period of loneliness can be brought to end. We all experience emotional pain and distress at times but this card signals a fresh start. Drink from this cup, it is saying, and wash away the emotional baggage you have now been carrying for too long. Be open to new possibilities for fulfillment. New relationships, be they romantic or plutonic, can open your eyes to the joys and beauty of life. Of course that doesn’t mean you should don a pair of rose coloured glasses: difficulties in life exist for all. But it does reminds us that if we can fill our cups with positive thought and intentions we can rebalance the scale enabling more ease than difficulty.

A Double Edged Sword

The Cup of Life is filled with both our joys and sorrows, and both of these, believe it or not can be a gift. By drinking from the Cup we are being gifted with awareness and truths. Life is a conundrum – it is both both beautiful and ugly, safe and scary, easy and difficult, and fun and foreboding. It is human nature to want to escape or fight against the difficulties we face in life. To a degree this is normal, but physcology tells us that without awareness people can move into unhealthy territory where they replace reality with fantasy and denial to avoid seeing life’s unpleasantries or indeed their own inadequacies. This is the space where danger lurks.

So don’t be afraid to drinking from the cup of life. It brings awareness of hard truths but also feeds your strengths and endurance, it helps people see their courageousness, their beauty and their strengths. It helps us accept all that we are, both good bad and somewhere in between and to work on our more positive qualities to better our relationships with others.

Facing Negative Relationships

The Cup tarot card seeks to open your eyes to all that life is. Not so that you might dwell on what is wrong but so you can truly face and overcome obstacles rather than hide from them or blur them with addictions. But what is you are facing the space where danger exists, where the people around you would rather live a construct of the imagination as apposed a real and full life. Perhaps life’s biggest conundrum is the battle between acceptance and denial. There comes a point where you may need to let go of relationships, but sometimes this is easier said then done. If circumstances where you can’t control negative influences on yourself of your loved ones then do your best to weather the storm by strengthening and increasing your positive relationships. Invite more good people into your space to outweigh that which sucks! And trust in time to bring you an exit from that which you least desire.

So don’t be afraid to drinking from the Cup of Life. It brings awareness of hard truths but also feeds your strengths and endurance, it helps people see their courageousness, their beauty and their strengths. It helps us accept all that we are, both good and bad and somewhere in between. And it helps us to keep building more positive qualities to better our relationships with ourselves and others.

Overcoming Hardship

If you have experienced trauma or endured ongoing difficulties it’s natural to have developed deep seated feeling of hopelessness or helplessness. Life and it’s laws are not always far. People continually evolve but we are still very much a society

Remember, you are more than you know, beautifully less than perfect and you can find the drive to create a beautiful and balanced life. Approach problems delicately, allow life to take it’s most natural course and know when to let go of struggle. All of this frees space in your mindset to allow others in which is when the beauty truly begins.

Drinking from Ace of Cups means looking thoughtfully at our lives and critiquing them in much the same way we might do in a wine tasting.  It’s important to contemplate, reflect, discuss, and form opinions about the pros and cons, just like in wine tasting. Savour what is sweet, sip what is palatable and be sure to swirl to see if there are aspects of your life that are a little on the nose. Accepting our uniqueness and imperfections takes courage and can be downright scary. But hiding from our pains, sorrows and shadows can actually hurt more in the long run than feeling our way through our troubles. In tricky times, the Ace of Cups is there to give you the strength to face life as it is, and the creativity to make it something more.

Lucky in Love

If you’re new to a relationship, looking for love or wanting to improve a loving relationship than a sip from the Cup of Life may be all it takes to add some sumptuous spice to life. Taken as a truth serum, the Ace of Cups opens the door to true and heartfelt communications. Let your guard down, accept all that you are and all that your lover is and allow love to take it’s course. When we let go of preconceived ideas that we need to be something super special to attract love, we walk the path of the most loved. The only thing you need to be is yourself, naked and true – whether you would like to take that last statement figuratively or literally is up to you – either way have fun!

Character traits: aware, strong, truthful, present, accepting, loving, giving, gorgeous, natural, wise.


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