Cups – Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups speaks of the need for a monumental shift. There is a yearning for fulfilment and a possible dissatisfaction with the status quo. Despite all that you’ve built and become, could it be that you feel dissatisfied with some aspect of your life? Have you struggled to find meaning or purpose? Is a major relationship causing you concern or is your job unsatisfying? This card conjures the image of distant shores as the key figure leaves the cups he’s previously filled behind him. Perhaps there is something in your life you’re ready to more on from. And just perhaps a new purpose or new people, new employment or even a new residential address could be on the agenda.

Fear of Letting Go

Sometime when we achieve certain goals or milestones we find that they are not as satisfying as we had once imagined. The Eight of Cups is asking you to reflect on what brings joy and contentment to your world and also what brings you discontent. If you are currently in an unfulfilling job, relationship or living arrangement then it may be time to re-evaluate. Sometimes we stay stuck in unfulfilling situations due to fear of letting go of that which we have built. Moving to new heights often involves both loss and gain as we may need to let go of one thing achieve another. It can be truly scary to move out into the unknown, hoping for brighter path without assurances. If fear keeping you stuck in an unhealthy situation or this card may be a sign that a new found courage is on its way.

What would you walk away from to get a glimpse of bright hope on the horizon?

Emotional Fulfillment

Of course moving to new heights doesn’t always mean we need to walk away from a physical aspect of our lives. The Eight of Cups may signal that something is missing on an emotional level and we need to continue in our search for joy and happiness with new endeavours. Perhaps the figure in our card is only leaving his cups behind momentarily as he goes in search of more ways to fill them.

The underlying premise of the Eight of Cups is fulfillment. An empty cup does nothing to fill our needs nor does a cup filled with something inedible. If you sense something is missing in your life, be brave enough to face your situation and take action to gain what you need. The key to fulfilment is action. And the drive behind action is desire. So allow yourself to acknowledge and accept that which you desire in life, you worthiness of having it and your ability to achieve it. Assuming your desires are healthy for both you and your loved, then pursue them with every bit of might and muscle that you have. And if it feels difficult at times, remember that an easy life isn’t always the most fulfilling.


While the Eight of Cups is often taken a sign to go in search of meaning and fulfillment, it’s important to assess first that these explorations are not simply an attempt to escape or deny problematic emotions or beliefs. The image on this card shows the cups floating on water and in the context of our dreams and subconscious, water is often taken to represent our emotional state. Running from, or refusing to deal with our problems, will not make them go away. In fact the reverse can often reign true, with avoidance behaviours prolonging our emotional turmoil. So if you are seeking distant shores or new adventures be sure to leave a clean slate behind you.  Elsewise, repressed emotions might resurface just when you think you’ve found your Shangri La.



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