Cups – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the Tarot deck’s offering of a muse. He is warm and intuitive, masterful and charming and raw and romantic. Every positive characteristic that might be wished for in a man is embodied by this dashing fellow who charges toward success with his great love of life that on show for all to see.

It is no accident that this card shows our hero astride a galloping horse, emblazoned with the symbol of love: a bright red heart. The horse symbolises courage and freedom and invites us to muster these qualities as we strive forward. The horse is beautiful creatures that is symbolic of our desire for freedom and the driving force that carries us toward our goals.

The Knight of Cups inspires us to pursue creative projects with renewed gusto. His message is to move from dreaming about achievement and success to a phase of action where we make dreams happen. A consummate romantic, the Knight of Cups also serves to remind us that love may be missing piece to a puzzle. The intangible near unfathomable force of love is something that can inspire us to reach for the stars. The desire to be the best we can be to attract, to please and to inspire the objects of our affection is a human quality that can be harnessed for good. Bettering ourselves for another can be a great motivator to achieve great things. Being seen and appreciated by that beloved others is the fuel to our fire that keeps us travelling in a forward motion.

When this card arrives in a tarot reading it might be suggesting that you allow yourself to be swept up by the currents of love as this beautiful force may be just the thing you need to drive your creativity, passion and goals.

The Knight of Cups is very much the Romeo of the Tarot deck. Romance is definitely a possibility and with the Knights tendency to lead with his heart rather than head, this card may just inspire you to through caution to the wind and dive headfirst into a loving encounter. Of course alongside the Knights romantic and charming ways comes come a high level of intuition, compassion and emotional awareness, so by using these gifts toward yourself and others it’s likely you’ll still make healthy choices.

The one word of caution is to ensure it is your beloved that you are in love with rather than the very notion of love itself. Sometime we fallible humans can put so much emphasise on the very concept of love that we forget to see the real person beneath our romantic ideals. Be sure to be realistic in your expectations of your current or would be partner and remember that a kind hearted lover doesn’t leave a trail of broken hearts behind them.

But shifting back to the positive interpretation of this card, do allow yourself to be loved, to be inspired and to embark on creative pursuits with passion. Hand on heart or heart on sleeve be open to what love and committed action may bring.

Go forth and make life great!

Character traits: free, brave, compassionate, passionate, charming, open, warm, wielding, committed, kind, showy and saucy.


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