Cups – Three of Cups

The Three of Cups reminds us of the power of friendship. Our closest friends are those we can both laugh and cry with, they those whose company uplifts us, those who gently tell us the truth and those we trust above all others.

When you draw this card in a reading it is reminding to you to seek joy in the company of others. Life gives us many challenges, it involves hard work, commitment and self-discipline to succeed, but it is also filled with opportunities for joy. To celebrate our achievements with others or even to seek solice from a friend is time

Take time to talk, share, laugh and engage with others and you will be all the richer for it. If your unable to meet your favourite people in person be sure to connect through technology and remind these people they are in your thoughts. But for true rejuvination we social beings need to be in the physical company of others.

This card might also hint that it is time for you to connect with others on work projects. By collaborating with colleagues you can not only increase your output and success but you can also find a lot more joy in what you do. Perhaps you will seek out a like minded team and enjoy the synergies that result. Or if you’re a business owner you might consider branching out to work with a partner. The key is to make sure the people you are connecting with emotionally intelligent and equally willing to engage. We’ve all had experiences where our connections with others leave us feeling deflated and low. The Three of Cups isn’t suggesting you connect with just anyone – it wants you to find your tribe.

Perhaps a sociable period is coming up for you. If you find yourself receiving a few invitations say yes! We all need things to look forward to and who knows who you might meet at upcoming functions. Enjoy the company of close friends but be open to inviting new ones into your life. Meaningful people pop into our lives all of the time and your next life long friend might be just around the corner.

You can also use the Three of Cups in a reading as a call to increase your social connections. There are many times in our lives when we need to actively seek new friends. Perhaps you’ve just moved school, job or to a new area? Maybe you’re a new mum, or perhaps the kids are leaving the coupe. Whatever your circumstances it’s important to a few tricks up yourself when it comes to making new acquaintances. Hobbies and sports are great ways to meet like minded people, as are school drop offs and pick ups. It’s never to late to take up a new hobby also. Physical activity for example should be a life long pursuit to keep our bodies active and strong, so don’t be shy to take up yoga, pilates, tennis, rowing or whatever it is you think will bring you joy.

Then be open to getting to know others walking the same path. Have you ever noticed how some people don’t think twice about extending invitations to newcomers for coffees and get togethers? If you feel you’ve met your kind of people then consider extending the invites yourself. Happiness doesn’t just come to us, we actually have to go out there into the world and create situations and events where in which happiness can thrive.

Parties, reunions, dinner dates, getaways, celebrations – these are often the times our happiest memories are made. But someone has to plan and organise them – they don’t just happen on their own. So maybe that someone is meant to be you? Ask what you can do to bring more joy in your life. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate with 3 cups, 4, 5, 6 or 70. The point is to celebrate life’s milestones and moments. Togetherness really is a thing!\

A quick word of warning: while the Three of Cups wants us to get out there and celebrate all that is good and worthy, but the fact that there are three cups of wine and not thirty is a subtle reminder not to fill your cup too high. Joy is not synonymous with excess. Keep your celebrations healthy and you’ll go on to have many more. You’re also more likely to keep any new found friends along with your dignity and self esteem.

Characteristics: joyous, confident, engaging, charismatic, fit, healthy, fun, active, organised, commanding, capable, quick-witted, optimistic.

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