Cups – Two of Cups

The ultimate lucky-in-love card, the Two of Cups, dares us to pledge our love to another and to really mean it and commit to that pledge.

If you’ve been feeling unlucky in love ask yourself if you’ve really given your all to either find love or make love work. Sometimes a search for love can be half hearted or haphazard

A Gift from the Gods

The card show the Staff of Hermes. Hermes was the son of Zeus and a messenger of the Gods of Olympia, famed for his winged sandals that enabled him to fly messages from Heaven to Earth. He also possessed a staff know as the Caduceus that which became a symbol of peace, diplomacy and healing. So as our two lovers shown on this card become intertwined the message we can draw is one provided by the imagery shown on the Caduceus above. As the two snakes wrap themselves around the Staff they are thought to move from a state of discord or chaos to a state of equilibrium. So when allowing love into our lives, perhaps this card is biding us to seek harmony.

When Lust Comes First

Steamy mutual attraction is a sensational way to start out on the path to love, but for a genuine bond to grow both parties to must be willing to engage in a heartfelt exchange of emotion, thoughts and feeling. By sharing who you are with a loved one and allowing them to do likewise without judgement is to give the gift of acceptance. It takes trust, willingness and at times throwing caution to the wind to acheive this level of intimacy. Will it be worth it? Well sometimes you have to take a risk to find out.  the card, however is reminding you, that the ‘weak at the knees’ kind of love we somedays think exists only in Hollywood can be created by two hearts entwined by love, lust and a willingness to try.

New Players

If you’re new to the love scene or have been out of the game for while, then use this card as reminder to start your quest for love with a renewed vow to love yourself. Unconditional self-love (not to be confused with arrogance or delusions of grandeur) start with acceptance of who you are, the good and the bad, and a commitment increasing opportunities for happiness, health and positive experiences. You deserve happiness in your life but happiness doesn’t come without effort. You may well need to go out and create experiences and opportunities that will enrich and reward you come what may in regard to love. By loving yourself you also put up an invisable boundary so to speak to ward of bad eggs. With the understanding that your happiness is equally as important as a future bed fellow you become less likely to accept some of the more toxic types of love that throughout all of human history have always been on offer. Love is not a risk, but choosing the wrong partner is because love is not always given back in kind and our love and willingness to give can be taken advantage of by the unscrupulous (often cleverly disguised as the best thing since sliced bread!). With self love however these types will generally sense they can’t gain the desired power over you and slitter away in search of easier prey. If you catch a barb or two on their way out, self love will also help you handle it.

Renewed Commitment

If this card arrives at a time when you’re feeling out of sync with a love interest it may be a sign it might be time to question if information is being withheld or a lack of trust is forming due to an unwillingness to share thoughts and feelings. This can be turned around if both parties share a willingness to work on communication. Will you drink from each others cups? Why not try it as a fun exercise, arms entwined and focused on each other. Even this one fun act can spark a new conversation and level of intimacy that may be all it takes to strengthen what you have. If you feel aggrieved with each other try to make amends and talk about your feelings as understanding requires good communication.

Character traits: open, honest, engaged, trusting, willing, self-aware, self-loving, lustful, lucky, loved.

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