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There is nothing to fear if Death is revealed in a TarotKey reading. The Death card is not an ominous warning but signals a positive transformation. You see, it doesn’t represent the end of life, but rather the end of an unhealthy or unwanted cycle or phase.

Death is ultimately about change. It signifies endings and beginnings, transformation and change. So this card has many positive interpretations. For example, if you have faced a difficult or unhealthy situation or relationship in your life this card may signify the end of that stage is near.

Potential Action

Consider aspects of your life that impact you negatively and actively look for ways to move past them. Seek out opportunities as well, for as one door closes another surely opens. This card encourages us to put the past behind us and embrace life anew. Memories of difficult times can haunt us – triggering emotions and holding us back with fear. Allow these memories to fade, for holding onto negativity holds people back from happier times. Remember that all people experience pain and sadness in life, but it passes and you are strong enough to move through these times constructively. What can you do to pave the way for better times ahead? Remembering of course that much human happiness comes from the happiness of others.

Take action, move out of unhealthy situations or relationships or actively improve your contribution to a relationship. It is time for you to move into a new phase of your life. New experiences and a new outlook awaits, so to be sure to seek out opportunities and look for ways to improve your current situation.

Character associations: transformative, forgiving, battle-hardy, experienced, emotionally intelligent, optimistic, brave, contemplative, self-aware, ready.

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