Cups – Five of Cups

Have you ever felt like all is lost? Like you’ve been knocked down one two many times? Or like the light at the end of the tunnel just got extinguished? If you feel that way now then the Five of Cups has arrived in a nick of time. Think of it as your ticket out of negative town. You can move from feeling helpless to hopeful, with just minor tweak of your thoughts and a genuine understanding of your emotions.

The Five of Cups symbolises our failures and disappointments. It reminds us to seek healthy ways to work through or let go of pain and sorrow. Part of being human is being blessed with the full gamit of emotions. The negative ones aren’t particularly fun to experience but they are what give us our compassion, our common sense, our care of others and our drive to make the world a better place. So this card reminds us not rewrite reality when times are hard or to stuff down our feelings when they’re of the negative variety.

Instead, summons your EQ to ensure you express your negative feelings in appropriate ways without dismissing them. This card is daring you to find a quiet space in which to explore your emotions. Understand yourself and what’s truly driving you. Are you in control of your emotions (different to being in denial) or are your emotions in control of you?

Sometime when we drowning in pain it’s hard to see beyond the emotion. Emotions can feel all encompassing and overwhelming, and they can blur the clarity of even the most even keeled among us. Picture strong emotions like a cloud that’s blurring our vision, preventing us from seeing the reality that is all around. So in order to steer through or around the clouds we often need to circumvent our negative thoughts first. It’s easy ruminate unawares, but once you become more disciplined and aware of your thoughts you’ll help negative emotions pass more quickly in turn get more clarity.

The 5 of Cups also invites us to investigate if old emotional wounds may have recently been reopened causing us to react in ways that aren’t in keeping with our usual countenance. Past emotional wounds can be triggered by all sorts of Perhaps a person who has caused you pain in the past has resurfaced in your life, perhaps you’ve visited a place where you experience a traumatic event, or perhaps small sensory experiences such as scents, sights or sounds are triggering subconscious memories your barely aware of. If you’re feel that your emotions are out of proportion to current events it’s worth exploring the past and considering what may have been triggered. As hard as it may be to do so, it can prevent us from reliving the emotional experience over and over again for years to come. Think of it as an emotional investment in your future.

What’s your go to when negative emotions take a hold? A cup of tea, a jog to some load tunes, escaping into a computer game? Do you know there’s some science behind all of those options. Tea has an amino acid called L-Theanine in it which is known to relax the nervous system, jogging raises endorphins giving you a nice boost and gamers get a dopamine hit which is again pleasurable. By ‘doing’ we’re also giving the brain an alternate train of thought which helps take the mind off ruminations and self pity that can ultimately keep one in a low mood. Ok so first things first lets get scientific and help ourselves help bad moods and emotions pass so we can get some clarity.

The Five of Cups also highlights the need for forgiveness. By forgiving ourselves and others we are able to move on from seeing ourselves as victims and life more successful and fulfilling lives.

One last aside, what if is not you but a loved one who is overwhelmed by negative emotions and self destructive thoughts? We can lend our support, be genuine in our love and try to gently give others the tools they need to help themselves through difficult times, but we can’t control their outcomes. Let go of control the situation and take comfort in what you did to help, while letting go of the ultimate outcome. Remember we are all on our own paths and you cannot clear another’s emotions for them you can only give suggestions on how they might do it themselves. Oh and remember anothers big emotions can be catching so try separate yourself from the emotion before acting.

The Five of Cups show us that even though there is pain in life there are also new opportunities and possibilities. If you are feeling helpless then perhaps, just perhaps you have been trying to control the wrong thing. Let go of what you can’t control and find new hope by understanding what you truly can!

Characteristics: perceptive, mindful, hopeful, optimistic, forgiving, experienced, emotional, balanced, controlled, insightful, receptive, respectful, inspiring, wise.

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