Judgement Tarot Card

Key message: Major decisions can affect your entire life. Meet life changing moments with integrity, clarity and purpose as the future will pass its judgement on your choices and deliver results accordingly.

The Judgement card reminds us that the major decisions we make about relationships, employment, property, finances etc. can change the course of our lives irrevocably. There are choices in life that once made allow no turning back. If you are looking for a new lifestyle, you may have to let go of the past entirely to move forward with your plans. So be sure you are ready and truly wanting this.

You see, the Judgement card indicates a looming decision and an irrevocable outcome. It can also refer to an incident where you or someone in your life needs to explain their actions. If you feel you’ve done something wrong best to fess up or apologise. By taking responsibility, as long as it is safe to do so, you are showing yourself to be a reasonable person who genuinely wishes to do better. On the contrary, if you seek to hide or lie about any wrong doing you can do yourself a genuine disservice. A loss of trust from those around you may ensue and prove difficult to overcome.

On the flipside, if you have been wronged, the Judgement card is nudging you to challenge the wrongdoer or speak up about how you would like to be treated. Of course, once again there’s a caveat: speak up only if you are safe to do so. Sadly there are those around us who take any mention of their own wrongdoing as an attack and will attack ‘back’ viciously in return. If you’ve stumbled upon one of these impossible people, trust the universe to pass its own Judgement and allow yourself to move on quietly and peacefully. You may not get the last word, but the inner peace and pride that comes with such dignity is worth far more. You may also save yourself a helluva lot of stress as the above mentioned personality types generally love a good confrontation and can take an unfair fight to all sorts of extremes.

Potential Action

The Judgement card is calling you to rise above every day squabbles. Look for peaceful resolutions to conflict and question what it truly means to win. Some people seek to win an argument at the expense of their reputations and relationships. The win at all costs motto is well past its used by date. Imagine someone who would yell over you, lie or argue irrationally to feel a sense of power or cause their opponent to submit. How likeable is that person looking to you right now? Perhaps not very. Well meaning people can send their loved ones packing if they don’t learn to curb a desire to be always be right or to ‘win’ by force.

The Judgement card can also point to a crossroad. Perhaps you are struggling with a choice between two options which you know will lead you in very different directions and result in significant change. Back yourself and back which ever decision you decide to take. Your past life lessons can help you gain clarity on the right direction so once you’ve decided give 100% commitment to your new course.

Growth Potential

Some good news stemming from the Judgement card is that you may have reached a stage of life where you have learned from your past and can now move on free of its constraints. You see an unresolved past seems to grab hold of us, weighing us down and preventing us from progressing to where we want to go. Resolution however can be yours, let go of guilt, sadness and ill feeling toward others as these are unhelpful travel companions.

If you need help letting go of the past find others who have had similar experiences. Their empathy and validation may be all you need to accept what was and embrace what can be. A little self evaluation never hurts either. Of course if life’s struggles have left you depressed or in an emotional place you can’t easily step out of, it’s perfectly ok to seek medical support. The onus is on passing through the troubling times with as much ease and assistance as possible to reach better times once more.

Character traits: fair, honest, forthcoming, truthful, accepting, enduring, accomplished, experienced.

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