Ten of Cups

A stable relationship, a safe warm home, healthy and happy children: these are things that true wealth and abundance are made of. The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card to draw in a reading. It’s presents a wholesome picture of an idyllic life full of comfort, love, harmony health and happiness. It is a place where all of your needs, wants and dreams are realised giving you a complete sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It is the culmination of two lives joined together in sync to create a life that is truly blessed.

The auspiciousness of this card applies regardless of whether you have or haven’t carved out your own such corner of this world. Ultimately the Ten of Cups is more than a card of hope, it foretells that true happiness and emotional fulfilment is achievable. Domestic bliss in all of its simplicity and and purity can had. Like all good things in life it takes constant work and attention and every now an

It represents true happiness and emotional and spiritual fulfilment. It tells you that you will be living your happy ever after and can look forward to domestic bliss. This Minor Arcana card represents happy families, children, caring and fun. You should be feeling very happy and secure when it appears in your Tarot reading. Life should be full of true contentment. This applies to you and your circle of family and friends. Everything you need you should have in abundance and you will be feeling truly blessed. Now is a time to reap the rewards of your previous hard work. The Ten of Cups Tarot card also represents playfulness and creativity so you may find the fun factor in your life goes up a notch when this card makes an appearance. The Ten of Cups can also signify reunions, home comings or family gatherings so if you have been away from your family, friends or partner or they have gone abroad, you can expect to be reunited with them.

The key to the creation of domestic bliss is ‘values’ alignment. Similar values and beliefs and notions of right and wrong will help you move forward as a cohesive unit. This is more than just surface similarities, i.e things such as working in the same profession, having been to the same school or university, sharing a common friend, don’t mean your core beliefs are in alignment. Pretending to share a person’s beliefs to win them over is also a poor long term strategy – you are doomed to fail before you even begin if this is your

so if you’re looking for love and eventual wedded bliss then be sure to discuss hot topics with your loved to gauge how you’ll ride out the years. Will face obstacles and challenges together like a well-oiled machine with wheels in perfect alignment or will you be derailed as the push and pull of opposing wants, intentions and beliefs sends you on a arduous journey to nowhere. Ok that’s a little on the rough side, but the point of Ten of Cups is that you can build a life with another that will lead to true happiness and love.  And if you want this, with the right match, it is yours. As they say in French: ‘Vouloir, c’est pouvoir’, to want is to be able.

And what if you’re already in love and are struggling a little with the abundance side of things? Building a secure and comfortable life is a long term pursuit which you and your partner can best acheive by working well together. Divide and conquer tasks, brainstorm and strategize plans, and be willing to each work for what you want. Paradise is often best appreciated after a long and productive day. Build your oasis step by step, day by day and year by year. It is cummulative reward that is often the most beautiful to reap.

The 10 of Cups might also point to your fulfillment through a sense of belonging and involvement in your community. Perhaps it domestic bliss you will built but a rather a vibrant community that becomes much like a surrogate family. Remember, while the imagery on this card use the well entrenched notion of a traditional nuclear family to denote happiness and success, it is perfectly ok to rewrite this scene to reflect your preferred concept of family – it is contentment not conformity that is the underlying key here.

If you have discovered your preferred way of life and are content in these surrounds then take a moment to congratulate yourself and give thanks. Raise a glass to the sun, life is very often quite good.

Character traits: upbeat, sunny, positive, content, valued, lovable, loving, self-assured, able, caring, giving and hard-working.

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