The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card Image

The Fool is fun, humorous and engaging. In fact, the Fool tarot card does not resemble a fool as we might think of one today, but rather an innocent person with infinite potential, great enthusiasm and fearless abandon. It speaks of a future journey that should be embarked on with enthusiasm and hope. The Fool symbolizes a good hearted person who’s character will be shaped by the journey ahead. It is the ultimate symbol of hope, as the world is before you, enticing you to embark on its trials and tribulations and so reap its rewards. It is a blank slate awaiting what you will build and who you will become in the process.

The Journey

The Fool represents a new journey, and it can be one filled with optimism and hope as you are freed from the usual constraints in life. The Fool approaches each day as an adventure, and it encourages you to do likewise. Any creation is possible in life if you believe and take action. Opportunities are waiting to be developed, new people are there to be met and enriching experiences are ever present if you seek them out.

Will you be brave and explore what is possible? The path of the Fool is one without worries. Let go of worry about the future, we don’t know what is ahead but we can have faith in our ability to make life good.

The Fool tarot card also represents fun and good humor. Remember to seek joy in what you do, joke more, laugh more and share a smile at any and every occasion. It will come back to you tenfold.

Character associations: Optimistic, enthusiastic, engaging, humorous, hopeful, eager, willing, excitable, faithful, fearless, trusting, friendly, fun.

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