The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Image

Key message: The Hanged Man card indicates a time of waiting and suspending action. You may need to wait for the ideal opportunity to secure success.

There is a certain calmness about the Hanged Man. He appears to be at peace with his precarious position, relaxed and making the most of the time gained while tied to a tree.  This card tells us that taking action is not always the best way forward. Waiting, biding your time and seeing things from a different perspective may prove more beneficial.

In the late 1300’s Italy punished traitors by hanging them upside down by an ankle until they died and hence came the inspiration for this card. But before you take a nervous gulp, it must be said that this card is not about death. It is very much about life and living. It encourages you to face your challenges calmly and from a different perspective. Accept that not all moments in time will bring what you want, but with sacrifice and patience, the right opportunities will ensue.

The Hanging Man tarot card emboldens those with the courage to see things differently. It’s ok to stand out from the crowd, or even to stand up against the crowd. Have the courage to let life unfold as it is and meet it’s challenges with clarity, calmness and a strong conviction of what you stand for.

Patience and Sacrifice

Patience is the virtue the Hanged Man would bestow upon us. Being ‘in limbo’ isn’t always a bad thing. Fight the urge to want to charge in and deal with a situation. This card is saying don’t act yet. Hold. Be patient. Wait. A better time for action will arrive soon enough.

The Hanged Man also reminds us that sacrifice is often necessary to progress. Perhaps you will sacrifice your time to a project or your money to a cause. You may need to sell and let go of a loved property to move to something more suitable or perhaps you are a parent. Any parent could confirm that a great deal of personal sacrifice is needed to raise happy and healthy kids, but of course its more than worth it as healthy young adults emerge. To not make sacrifices can lead to significant regret in future years, as every choice has an opportunity cost.

So in short, put aside those wants that don’t serve your ultimate goals. Seek lasting and life affirming rewards and let go of the small guilty pleasures we can do without. And when you feel the need to slow down and reassess your goals, give yourself the time to do just that. Sometimes when we don’t, life finds a way to force us to slow our pace with obstacles such as sickness, job loss, poor mental health and so on. So give yourself the time and space needed to reassess and reevaluate.

If you are feeling stuck, try to remain calm and let go wanting what you’re unable to attain. Sometimes when we stop investing our thoughts in a specific outcome new doors open of their own accord.

Character traits: calm, composed, patient, generous, accepting, peaceful, self-disciplined, perceptive.

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