The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card encourages a time of solitude, introspection and retreat, especially if you are at a pivotal point in your life. The Hermit travels through the universe, exploring the mysteries of life and the depths of his soul. He is a symbol of growth, self-discovery and accomplishment who has chosen a path of self awareness and is encouraging you to do likewise.

Reflection and Self Awareness

If you draw the Hermit in a reading consider finding some solitude and reflecting on your purpose and progress. Look for ways to find more fulfillment. By looking inward, you’ll find you already have the answers to many of the challenges and questions you face.

The Hermit encourages you to get in touch with your intuition. It is the voice of your subconscious sharing the extensive knowledge you have passively picked up along the way – trust it. If you listen closely, you’ll realise you have a personal navigation system on hand at all times.

When you to tune in to your subconscious – your inner wisdom – you will find critical decisions much easier to make. The right path will unfold in front of you and you can more readily envisage what lies ahead. Take one purposeful step at time and trust that each move will take you closer to a fulfilling, peaceful and comfortable life.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a weekend retreat or even just spending a quiet night in on your own, give yourself that time. Use it for contemplation, prayer or meditation. And reflect on your values, your motivations, your desires and your strengths – ultimately this card is reminding you to seek more meaning and purpose in life.

Oh and remember to disconnect from the hectic world we live in. Turn off all devices, phones and televisions – it’s not other peoples wisdom and words you need to hear right now but your own. Revel in some silence, disconnect from crowds and allow yourself to be still. Now enjoy the moment, may there be many more.

Character traits: contemplative, wise, deep, spiritual, authentic, aware, accomplished, solitary.

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