Calm in the face of adversity: this is what the Strength card is all about. It represents inner strength, self discipline and emotional control. Drawn in a reading, it is reminding you to dig deep and find this level of poise and self-mastery. You have the strength and endurance to overcome challenging times and to face unreasonable adversaries. Reason, empathy and self-control put you in a truly advantageous position. Stand firm in who you are and what you believe.

Have you ever noticed that the unreasonable folk of this world tend to want to twist reality, project their shortcomings and blame others for their bad behaviour? Yes, it really sucks to be on the receiving end of this sort of behaviour. But the answer is never to give back a ‘dose of their own medicine’. For then who would you be but a reflection of what you dislike. Having Strength means you can withstand these blows, in fact as you begin to see them for what they are, nonsense, you’ll find their effect significantly dulled. If you feel confused in the face of difficult or manipulative behaviour take steps to further educate yourself. Once you’ve learnt to recognise it for what it is you’ll find it loses much of its power.

Stand Firm

When acting with Strength, the goal is never to try to make an unreasonable person see reason; you don’t need to achieve the impossible to prove yourself strong.  The Strength that this card alludes to is strength of will. Do not be bullied or cajoled away from your reasonable stance. Don’t let others pull you out of reality. Do not allow others to control your actions or thoughts and by all means do not allow unjust insults to dampen your self belief. By standing firm in who you are, you can become a pillar of strength. A simple calm and unwavering stance can prove far more powerful than even the loudest insults or accusations.

With endurance, positivity and inner strength you can overcome challenges: your quiet determination and grace will shine. This card reminds you that you have the patience and stamina to withstand difficulties; you can influence outcomes without exerting control over others. The force now at your command is unfathomable to those who confuse strength with aggression. True strength of mind far more powerful, yet also understated and discrete.

It is likely that you’ve become a virtuoso in the practice of patience. Reward is rarely instantaneous, so by committing to long term endeavours your patience will be fruitful in time.  Your strength and determination may soon be recognised and earn you the respect of colleagues, friends and family.

If you are called on to help a friend or much loved family member, look for ways you can use the gift of strength to support them. Others might truly benefit from having your inner strength in their arsenal. Remember, you have the inner strength to endure, to remain calm and to face adversaries far bigger than yourself.

Character traits: inner strength, emotional intelligence, heroism, leadership, role model, courageous, calm in the face of adversity.

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