The Temperance card represents balance, moderation and self-control. So it’s not exactly a party starter but it does guide us toward a sustainable way to live a full and balanced life.

Temperance inspires you to create the life you need by blending a host of ingredients to create harmony and balance. We need balance in our emotional and physical space to enjoy healthy lives.

This card also highlights ‘self-care’ as a life long pursuit that needs to balanced with other roles and responsibilities. All work and no rest or play just isn’t going to cut it with this card. Allow yourself to literally switch off from the demands of the technological age and pursue the simple pleasures of a time once past. Invigorate yourself with a trip, a picnic, a walk in nature, a friendly game of sport, a board game, and so the list goes on.

Living with Temperance

The Temperance card encourages us to moderate our choices. If we avoid taking any pursuits to extremes we can live healthier lives and better support our loved ones. This might mean limiting sweet treats, drinking responsibly, working a little less (or more if less has become an issue!), or moderating our behaviours and emotions.

The Temperance card also highlights a need to review extreme choices. So if you’re thinking of leaving a relationship, quitting a job, moving overseas or any other life changing decision, take your time. Make sure there’s not a better solution before going ahead. Perhaps there’s middle ground you can reach that would make for an easier transition.

An important part about living with Temperance is knowing what you want to achieve, having a clear vision of how to get there and then testing the waters before you dive in. With Temperance by your side, you can also develop the ability to remain calm and clear headed when facing stressful events. By acting with moderation we all become more even keeled. Essentially we can allow life to unfold and easily adapt to what it presents.

The card looks to lofty ideals and seeks ways to bring them down into reality. Creating an atmospheric space is another way to appease this card in a reading.

Improved Relationships

A person with Temperance relates well to others, paving the way for effective and harmonious communication. You are being invited to review your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues and see if you can improve and strengthen relations. The key is to remain calm, even when relationships feels stressful or unbalanced. By maintaining a even temperament you’ll help others relax and easily accommodate differing perspectives. Balancing different people’s needs is another key component of this card.

Character traits: balanced, fair, angelic, calm, caring, capable, wise, disciplined, relaxed, dedicated.

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