You can change the course of your future! The Chariot represents victory and it urges you to travel new ground to achieve success. You can find the determination, courage and self-discipline necessary to achieve your goals! Charge ahead at lightening speed and watch the results unfold as you go.

The Chariot tarot card shows a charioteer in complete control, driving the reins and manoeuvering the Chariot where he wants to go. Despite life’s uncertainties, you can have much control over the direction of your life. You can also bring your goals into fruition faster with consistent and strategic action.  So will you charge full speed ahead? This card is urging you to avoid distraction, put your head down and work even harder toward your goals.

Drive Success

Dedication, confidence and self-control can help you emerge victorious in all that you do. The Chariot tarot card reminds us not to be passive when it comes to the direction of our lives. The more you strive towards your goals the greater your results will be.

The Charioteer looks straight ahead, appearing to have a clear destination in mind. His message to you is to do likewise. Construct a plan or a road-map to your desires and the lifestyle you aspire to. And remember that the most successful plans will be in keeping with your values and core beliefs. With your integrity in check, break down tasks to create a structured approach and then set about achieving your goals one step at a time. Maintaining focus, direction and momentum are key drivers to success.

Power Through Challenges

The Chariot tarot card also reminds us not to be disheartened by ‘bumps in the road’. You can summon the willpower and determination necessary to continue working toward your goals. Remind yourself also that sometimes the road is just as enjoyable as the destination, and when it is not, well thankfully those times pass.

Take this card as a really encouraging sign. Be clear on your objectives, bolster your self belief and forge ahead, bringing your goals closer to fruition with every step.

Remember, hopes and dreams are wonderful sources of inspiration, but alone they don’t carry us to our destination. Now is the time for you to take consistent, coordinated action! Back yourself: you have the inner strength and ability to make things happen!

As for literal travel, well perhaps it’s time to follow the Charioteer’s path and take a road trip.  A new destination, be it a holiday or moving home, might be just the thing to give you a renewed sense of power.

Character traits: adventurous, self-disciplined, confident, ambitious, capable, freedom-seeking, driven, motivated, successful, victorious.

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