Oh no, not the dreaded Devil card!! But wait, it’s referring to the past so there’s a good chance that all devil incarnates in your world have already been thwarted for good!

Of course that’s not say we won’t face our share of challenges in the future so card can be seen as a timely reminder. We all need to learn how to handle adversity or an adversary as the case may be. And it never hurts to kick a bad habit as well. The Devil card aims to help you on this quest. It can give you a timely trick or two on how to handle negative people, negative emotions and woe and behold negative life outcomes.

Devilish Habits

The devil card tends to pop up when you’re feeling trapped, empty or are lacking fulfillment in your life. Perhaps you’ve tried to fill the void with instant gratification or maybe there’s a person in your life causing you grief. This card might shine a light on an unhealthy relationship, helping you to either step back from it or improve relations.

But before we look at others, let’s take a good look at ourselves. The Devil is thought to have dominion over those who submit to temptation. So it goes that if you draw this card you may have a one or two unhealthy habits to curb to keep life on track. A little devil inside might have taken the place of willpower and be wreaking havoc on your goals. Addictions and unhealthy habits can destroy the best laid plans as well the best made relationships. Take stock of your habits and if there are some indulgences that you know do you harm, embark on a plan to change.

Devilish People

With your desires now kept in check, why not reflect on your relationships. Is there room for behavioural improvement? Have you or someone you care about been made the scapegoat for another’s unhealthy actions? Is there someone in your world who only behaves well when they take what they want? Do you constantly feel on edge around someone close to you? Have you noticed a lack of conscience, care or empathy in another?

The Devil card draws attention to devilish people and highlights the need to trust your intuition when forming friendships and relationships. Ill intent is not always obvious to the casual observer. Underlying anger, contempt and even hatred can be masked by a charismatic smile or kind words. However our subconscious minds often pick up on small inconsistencies, perhaps tone and body language doesn’t match the words said, perhaps you find yourself feeling bad even in the face of a person’s kindness. This is your intuition sending you an alarm. Trust it and arm yourself with knowledge. A simple web search on ‘cluster B personality traits’ is a great start.  You’ll be spotting red flags from a mile away in no time. The goal of which is to keep yourself safe both physically and emotionally.

Remember of course that we all make mistakes so don’t apply your newfound knowledge on personality traits to hastily – you may condemn a much needed ally! And if you happen to recognise a few unwanted traits in yourself then start with forgiveness for this is something a true Devil has a definite deficit in.

Finally this card comes with a warning: if we choose to ignore negative behaviours, minimise them, pretend they don’t matter or exist, or god forbid emulate them, we can become increasingly like the devil ourselves. So stand by passively at your peril, this card is asking you to choose a brighter path, albeit safely, i.e. take care not to aggravate a person you consider dangerous.

Character traits: discerning, shrewd, reflective, aware, resilient, decisive, emotionally intelligent, careful, forgiving, understanding, self-disciplined, astute, savvy, streetwise.

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