The Emperor is the embodiment of masculinity, not through the sword in his hand, which is idle, but through wisdom, compassion and service to others. The Emperor is well aware of his physical power, but uses it to only to provide safety to those less able.

The Protector & Provider

The Emperor is the father figure in the Tarot deck. He is the protector, the provider and the defender. Ultimately he is the master of his own destiny. This card is reminding men and women alike to look to their loved ones. Protect and defend those you love. Your life’s purpose may be to build a sanctuary for them to retreat to. Provide a safe, calm and harmonious home for your family to flourish in. And don’t forget a road-map for your family to follow so that they too might prosper in their own right. The Emperor does this whilst wielding the ultimate form of control: self control.

Remember also that it is not just walls we need, but also care and understanding. The Emperor teaches us how use self-discipline to our advantage, forging ahead with self-control, respect and dignity. This card challenges us to become masters our emotions and behaviours. It is not about controlling others but ourselves.

Earning Respect

The Emperor is a trusted leader who has earned respect and authority through continuous action, self discipline and benevolence.  His lesson for men and women on a leadership trajectory is that true power, respect and leadership must be earned, it can never be demanded. Likewise, friendships, love and relationships must be built over time, not taken by force. Put down your swords, this card is saying, and understand that a steady committed approach is where true reward is found.

Recognition will come to you if you follow The Emperor’s path. Leaders drawing this card are urged to be firm but fair when others are not acting with integrity. The Emperor is both compassionate and astute. He will not be taken advantage of nor standby while vulnerable people are harmed.

Calm in Conflict

The Emperor has gained much wisdom through the years. So he knows when to listen to others and when to have the final say. If conflict is necessary to protect others, the Emperor will not scare away. His approach, however will be calm and steadfast. The goal is not to win at all costs, it is to protect and serve. He is reasonable in disagreement, can admit when he is wrong, and knows that the ultimate prize – his reputation – will be worth nothing if he is arrogant, selfish, or delusional. While he won’t accept others putting him down, he will listen to constructive criticism – for his humanity is not something to be feared, shunned or hidden. He is who is. He likes who he is, flaws and all. Take the Emperor’s lead and takes step daily day to master your emotions and behaviours and to accept and like who you are.

The Emperor shows us that self-discipline can be attained by following the rules and regulations of society and also those made by our own ethos. You can create and apply principles to your life that will help you attain what you desire for yourself and others. The Emperor is strategic and highly organised with the key message of this card being to create a plan and stick with it until the end.

Character traits: brave, protective, strategic, steadfast, caring, self-disciplined, generous, understanding, bold, self-controlled, learned, wise, unwavering, prosperous, dedicated, kind, capable.

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