Key Message: Stand tall. Raise your chin and avert your eyes from the ground. The Empress is loving and kind but above all she is confident. Her key message to you is that confidence, care and kindness can be yours. 

The Empress brings blessings, care and abundance to those she encounters. She is feminine, loving, confident and kind. To be blessed with love, harmony, fertility and luxury is to be touched by The Empress. To draw this card is a sign that comfort is now within your reach. A strong connection to your femininity or, for males, to the females around you can create more beauty within your life.

The Empress is a card of inspiration. It’s inviting you to be all that can you can be. Nurture your creative expression  to find deep fulfilment. With the right actions and care, you can have a rich and fulfilling life. Lift your stature now as she does: always stand tall. Remember confidence stems from an upright stature. You’ll be amazed at how much attention to your posture and gaze can change your outlook on life. Raise your chin and always avert your eyes from the ground. Imagine yourself as royal as the Empress and take on an upright posture – you will see and be seen through different eyes if you do.

Here’s a challenge walk down your street staring only at the ground and let your thoughts run free. Now walk the same street paying attention to your posture and look up and to the horizon – where do your thoughts go now. Interestingly negative thoughts and ruminations have a harder time being heard when we look ahead. Hope gets in the way.

Life is full of pleasures and luxuries, many we take for granted every day. Look around you. Indulge the senses. Reach for nature, revel in the sun’s rays on your skin, the hot steam of a shower, the scent of star jasmine, vanilla;  take in your favourite scents, light candles, wear your best clothes. Don’t wait for special occasions – make every day count.

The Empress is an archetypal Mother Earth figure. She begs you to look to nature for comfort and inspiration. We are blessed with natural resources and the intelligence necessary to take those resources and weald them into new products and creations that serve humankind. Look for projects and hobbies that can engage and fulfil you while also serving others.

For those seeking a family, The Empress arrives as a positive sign that you will have the kindness and fortitude needed to raise children. For those with family, The Empress shows us how to guide children and help them to become the harmonious, knowledgeable and caring people we need for a bright future.

The Empress’ proud stature reminds us to build on our strengths and talents with practice and conscious thought. Commit to a period of growth where dreams can come into fruition with constant action and positive thought. Reflect also on what you have. Outcomes are always a reflection of past actions where many small positive steps can add up to something truly significant. Stand proud.

Character traits: kind, confident, nurturing, feminine, creative, empathetic, proud, capable, harmonious, loving, fulfilled, indulgent, generous.

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