The Hierophant is a religious leader whose role is to pass on wisdom and knowledge. This card asks you to look at the social structures, religions and traditions you have benefited from in the past. What knowledge have you gained from these associations and how can you apply and benefit from that knowledge now. Are you comfortable with your previous level of group participation or is it something you would like to increase? Joining groups and adopting established beliefs and practices can prove both protective and comforting. Remember we are all stronger in groups than on our own.


The Hierophant invites you to think about core values of the institutions and groups you belong to. Do you share the group’s values? Do you conform to group and societal rules and expectations? Remember that greater acceptance and ease can follow those who meet the expectations of their community.

General and spiritual wisdom can be passed down through tradition and institutional teachings. So investigate the teachings of religious and spiritual groups and consider becoming involved in practice, ceremonies, or rituals. Many people find enrichment, hope, connection and meaning when following such paths. You may also possess valuable knowledge that you can pass on, so consider if there is a teaching role you could take, be it formal, online or conversational.


Individual and group identity are an important part of who you are. The Hierophant reminds you to be aware of your group identity. ‘Belonging’ is an important part of experiencing happiness along this road we call life. Prayer and meditation can also help us to unlock and understand the mysteries of life. Respect others as you respect yourself and listen carefully. Wisdom may be passed down, it may come from within or it may be shared by others in their everyday actions and speech.


The Hierophant card helps you become clear on religious or spiritual values and beliefs. Take time to study formal doctrines and fundamental principles before embarking on other life pursuits as these will help guide you through other life choices. Of course ensure you are learning from a trusted source: not all who preach are enlightened or wise.

Look for teachers or mentors in your life who are kind, understanding and have solid integrity and conscience. See this card in as a cue to take on more study or apply what you know. If you there is an area of knowledge that you have mastered, consider taking a teaching role. Remember communities flourish when we share what we know – we can lift each other up with shared knowledge and wisdom. Human success is largely the result of applied knowledge within the bounds of established rules and principles to ensure both individual and group needs are met.

Character traits: trusted, wise, spiritual, understanding, kind, principled, knowledgeable, faithful.

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