The appearance of the High Priestess is a sign to listen to your intuition and seek more information before acting. She is telling you to bide your time and gain more insight before making an important decision. There may be more to learn before you have the full picture. Remember that patience is a virtue. It can mean the difference between a right or wrong decision; success or failure.

Read the Signs

The High Priestess encourages you to balance your intuition with logic, knowledge and reason. Remember, our intuition often sends signals through our emotions, physical feelings (i.e. pains and ailments), fight or flight response and thoughts and dreams. Consider the messages your body is sending before making decisions. Elevated stress levels or a lack of sleep, for example, may be signs that you’re considering the wrong course of action.

When the right solutions appear you may feel a sense of calm, knowing exactly what steps to take to bring a plan to fruition. While you may be busy, action nonetheless feels easy. The High Priestess reminds us of the great stores of knowledge in the subconscious mind and challenges us to access that knowledge through reflection and self awareness. This may also prove a time when information that was previously hidden comes to light – perhaps there’s something someone’s not telling you? Look more closely.

The High Priestess shines a light on the information we seek, but we must also take the time and effort to find it. This card also invites you to embrace your feminine traits (yes even if you are male!). Compassion, empathy, intuition and care are all traits that can benefit you right now. The overarching premise is to feel your way through your problems. Of course you’ll use logic and knowledge too, but don’t forget the importance of feelings – these are your roadmap to success.

Character traits: instinctive, wise, knowledgeable, trusting, nurturing, spiritual, religious, patient, calm, caring, self-disciplined.

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