The Magician is a highly positive card referring to dreams that have been realized by those who take action. It reminds you that you are powerful; you can create the world of your dreams so capitalise on the skills built in your past to make things happen.

Take Action

The key message of the Magician is to channel your dreams into action. Untapped drive, potential and talent can be utilised to manifest tangible outcomes. You are being urged to make your dreams happen. So don’t hold back, charge full steam ahead applying determination and willpower to your cause.

You may have already started moving ahead with plans, be they about home, work, love, or finances. The Magician reminds you to keep going. You have everything you need to make things happen: resources, energy, knowhow and a network of support. It also signals significant positive change meaning you can alter your life for the better and create the lifestyle you desire. Focus on what you’ve built in the past and leverage it!

Firm Intentions

The first step is to set firm intentions. When you seek to manifest something it is important to be very clear about what you wish to create and why. Strong and clear intentions are powerful, especially when you formalise them with a written plan or share them with others.

The next task of the Magician is to turn these intentions into something real. So action is essential! A wish remains but a wish if it is not acted upon. Remember you have access to what you need to create great things in your life and you can summon the drive to get busy! If it feels hard at first, simply take one step at a time. By aligning a number of small achievements you can create something great.

Character traits: powerful, dynamic, driven, clear-minded, focused, accomplished, positive, assured

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