Key message: The Moon represents uncertainty in Tarot. Something is unclear or perhaps information is being twisted or withheld. You may also be facing fear or anxiety. Slow down your decision making and look for clarity.

The light of the Moon is dull in comparison to the Sun. It’s silvery hue casts shadows and doubts where in the full light of day there are none. This card highlights the possibility for misunderstandings or being misled. All of us can be afraid of the unknown at times, but sometimes it is only by unveiling the truth that we can relinquish this fear.


The Moon tarot card represents fears and illusions. Though it does not necessarily mean you have something to be afraid of. Instead, it invites you to test out a little psychology. Austrian psychoanalyst, Sigmond Freud was the first to apply the term ‘projection’ to psychology, understanding that people tend to paste their internal experiences onto external events and other people. What does this mean? Well, in terms of events, if you’ve faced frightening or difficult times in the past you may unwittingly apply the same notion of fear to current or future situations. So in short, you may project the fear felt in the past onto your present or future.

Consider a painful memory that caused you a lot of emotional distress, do you find yourself avoiding similar situations or people? This may prove a healthy self protective mechanism, in which case good for you. But this type of projection can also be applied to situations unnecessarily, so be sure to ask yourself if fear or anxiety is holding you back without reason. There are a lot of great experiences out there just waiting to be lived!

Now consider a person in your life who behaves poorly or harbours a lot of negativity. Does that person sometimes talk negatively about others when there isn’t a genuine reason to do so? Do they attach some of their negative traits to those around them? I.e. a really selfish person accusing others of being selfish. Could someone be misplacing their negative emotions or traits onto you? It’s a confusing place to be in if so, but the more self aware you become the easier it is to see projection for what it is and not get lumbered with someone else’s issues. You have a right to been seen as you are. Oh and be sure not to project your stuff on others also.

Seek Clarity & Balance

If you are experiencing fear or uncertainty, take your time when making decisions. It’s important to balance your intuitive and logical thoughts and work through emotions to determine if they are appropriate to the situation. Big emotions such as fear and worry can sharply increase the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a little like your body’s internal alarm system. It’s exactly what we need when faced with a genuine emergency – you’ll react like your favourite superhero and then some. But when our grievances are caused by past fears or uncertainty we suddenly face a whole different situation. The additional cortisol can derail our ability to feel balanced causing a spike in anxiety, depression and whole heap of other medical issues. To avoid chronic stress try to let go of past emotion, negative self talk and doubt. The Moon card is pushing you to tap into your subconscious mind and consider if past fears are casting a shadow on your future.

By becoming more conscious of the true cause of anxieties and fears, you become less likely to project these feelings which in turn gives you a more truthful view of the world.


Imagine the light of the moon shining a path though the darkness over a large body of water. The light sparkles toward a point you cannot quite see. Imagine that path is leading to you a hidden truth or an aspect of yourself you’ve denied. Self awareness isn’t always an easy thing, but it is the right thing to pursue to ensure healthy and mutually satisfying relationships. It also helps us to control our emotions rather than be controlled by them, which puts us in a much better place for decision making.

Character traits: introspective, self-aware, balanced, intuitive, inquisitive, emotionally intelligent.

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