Key message: The Sun is a wondrous card to draw in a reading. It represents success, joy, optimism and enthusiasm. So get ready to enjoy a bountiful time of life enriched with joy, happiness, sunshine and smiles.

There is a lot of good fortune around you if you dare seek it. Bask in it! That’s what sunshine and good times are for. You may also seek to build solid foundations for a joyful future which has the potential for peace and contentment. Take stock now of the ingredients you’ll need to achieve this: A warm harmonious home? A peace-loving supportive partner? A commitment to health and well-being? Music? Creation? Self-actualisation?

Good Times

The Sun represents the end of dark times and the dawn of new hope, optimism and fulfilment. The Sun is the source of life on Earth and it represents radiance, abundance, purity and warmth. It shines a light on the innocent joy of our children and the happiness that follows when their spirits run free.

Allow yourself to shine like the sun and play like a child. Remember that your personal fulfilment can act as a beacon to others, providing inspiration and joy. People are drawn to warm positive energy, so build on your strengths and share your most endearing qualities. Positivity is catching so share your achievements and shine a light on the achievements and successes of others.  Uplifting others is that easy – tell them about the good you see in them and share a warm smile. Attitude is everything. It can be felt like those around you.

Warmth of Character

Why not step outside into the sun, close your eyes and feel its warmth on your face. Now, remember that it is a warm character that wins hearts and attracts support and success.  If you act with warmth and care toward others it will bring you more happiness than any self-serving pursuits. People are drawn to warm energy and optimists. So be sure to look for the bright side of your situation and ways you can spread good feelings.

Ultimately the Sun card is about love. When we shine unconditional love upon those we care about it changes lives. Our humanity means we also need love back, so let love in! You are loveable, you are enough and you are worthy of the love of others.

Oh and this card is also all about fun. So liven up, energise yourself and get out there and live. Life is for living, experiencing, growing, dancing, singing and enjoying. Trust that the bad times will get better and make the good times great. Fill up your memory banks with beautiful, sun-filled memories that you can pour over whenever you need a burst of happiness.

The Sun also inspires us to invest time in our health so we can enjoy vitality and positive moods. So stock up on fruit, veg and willpower and make the most of the life experience you’ve been given.

Character traits: active, joyful, optimistic, invigorated, energised, content, creative, healthy, sporty, fun.

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