There’s no sugar coating the message of the Tower, brace yourself it’s saying, and prepare for sudden change, shock, disruption, chaos and conflict.

But thank goodness this card is showing up in the past! Perhaps you’ve already handled some life altering experiences? This card generally refers to significant change that had far reaching effects. If you have faced such change and are still feeling it’s effects have faith that you can cope. Life is a journey of constant change is it not, and sometimes we need a little shake up to steer us in the right direction. And remember, change can prove groundbreaking if we have the nerve to stand its course.

Momentous Change

The Tower represents a momentous change.  The card shows the destruction of a tower by lighting, symbolising unexpected and sudden change. But that doesn’t mean the changes we face will be ominous or frightening. Change can be unnerving for sure, but when we weather a storm we often come out the other side with new convictions, new insights and new inspiration – even if we experience pain and anxiety at the time.

The key is to learn from your experiences, even the unwanted ones, allowing yourself to become wiser and more resilient. The Tower can actually symbolise rigid ideas and beliefs that need shifting. By destroying unhealthy or unrealistic beliefs you can make room for a new approach and new convictions. So ask yourself if your beliefs and values are of the upstanding variety or if they could do with a remodel.


If you have faced loss or disaster, be kind to yourself. Grief is a natural part of being human and something we will all face at some stage in our lives. Seek comfort from friends and weather the storm of emotions as best you can. Negative emotions will ease and gradually pass and the gift you can draw from such times is that of compassion. Experiencing loss can greatly enhance our ability to care for and empathise with others, which in turn gives us a richer life experience.

When the Tower card appears in a tarot reading, why not use it as a prompt to review the way you respond to stress. Change, loss and grief are all part of life, so we may as well arm ourselves with tools to handle it. There’s a lot of great advice on the internet for handling stress but its also important to regularly practice controlling your emotional responses (that doesn’t mean denying them!). It’s easy when life is calm, but when chaos reigns keeping yourself calm and logical takes genuine self mastery.


Of course we can also use the Tower card as reminder to be prepared and take preventative steps. If you see cracks appearing in your ‘tower’, be it a relationship, your home, your job, your health or another important aspect of your life take steps now to look after it before it’s too late!

In the literal sense the Tower might point to a new house, is it time to start house hunting? Or perhaps, if prices are overwhelming, its actually time to stop – this card cautions against unrealistic thinking so be sure not spend beyond your means as eventually this will to lead to some very big cracks in your ‘tower’!

Character traits: even tempered, calm, self-controlled, stoic, prepared, risk-adverse, compassionate.

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