Key Message: The World Tarot card represents triumph, success and conclusions. It invites you to reflect on your progress and congratulate yourself on all that you have achieved in the past.

The World tarot card is a highly auspicious card that indicates situations have reached a natural and beneficial conclusion.  You can leverage past success by using the lessons learnt to help others on a similar path. In turn, they may well become important contributors to the next stage of your life.

A Stunning Success

The World tarot card has a beautiful dancing figure at its center. To dance is a stunning expression of joy and this card seeks to lift you up with that exact same feeling. The World tarot card asks you to cement and celebrate yours and others’ success. True fulfillment is a product of shared achievement and triumph. So look to what you have done well and consider how you could impart your talent or experience to others.

Your continued dedication to a project or to the people in your life is likely to be paying off.  You may be on the verge of completing a major milestone in your life that reflects both who you are and what you have achieved. All achievement requires effort, application and resilience. Consider the character traits you have developed while working toward your goals. These are reward in and of themselves. Cultivate good habits and future achievement will deliver further reward.

Natural Conclusions

Sometimes the World card signifies the completion of study or a major event such as the birth of child, marriage, a promotion or public recognition. Other times our accomplishments are more personal, we may not receive major accolades but don’t let that stop you from taking pride in your efforts and accomplishments no matter how big or small.

Just as the world spins infinitely on it’s axis, the World tarot card reminds us to continue our journey by opening a new chapter or commencing a new project. It’s like a free ‘level up’ card in a computer game. You’re ready to take on more responsibility and commit to further achievement and creation. Remember that life is cyclical in nature so as one era ends another begins. Dance toward your next endeavour with enthusiasm and poise.

If you have not quite reached the end of a project, it is likely that you are close. Use the energy of this card to propel yourself forward, keeping its promise of just reward in sight. Remember that the more we learn and the more we apply our knowledge the greater our self confidence becomes; as long as we don’t discount it that is. Make sure you reflect on your past experiences and truly acknowledge how far you have come. You may be surprised by your progress and all that you’ve learned along the way.

Use this card as a sign to review past projects and seek out new beginnings and opportunities. Also look for ways you can inspire or support others or share what you’ve learned. Beyond that, the World is yours to enjoy so take a moment or two to celebrate success!

Character traits: accomplished, skilled, knowledgeable, confident, whole, fulfilled, giving, purposeful, dedicated, triumphant, enthusiastic, poised, self-assured.

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