Get ready for the opportunity of a lifetime! I can almost hear destiny calling when I see the Wheel of Fortune card. Life is constantly changing with new circumstances presenting at every corner. The Wheel of Fortune is telling you to keep an eye out for opportunities that might arise following change. And never be scared of change itself. It is as inevitable as time and as opportune as we make it.

Fortune Favours the Determined

As life evolves and changes, good times come and go. Yes, sometimes fortune deals us a poor hand, but all things pass so tread through difficult times with hope and a matching determination to make life better. With persistent effort and positive thought, good fortune will return.

Of course good times come and go too. So cherish your joyful moments, share them on socials and build a bank of beautiful memories to sift through when times are tough. Share your goodwill also, as this card reminds us to think of the fates of family and friends. Are our loved ones experiencing the ups or downs of life and can we lend a hand to help?

Karmatic Reward

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that ‘what goes around comes around.’ Your kindness and care will be returned by true friends, but likewise anger, spite, meanness and selfishness also come back to bite us. Think about how hard it is remain peaceful kind and calm when someone yells at you or dishes out abuse. If you want to be treated well you must control of your own behaviours and emotions. If you wish you’d behaved differently at times, a quick online course on emotional intelligence might be all it takes to soften future blows.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of ugly behaviour, it’s better to walk away with dignity than partake in the offence. Consider also if the opportunities unfolding might include a chance to meet new and emotionally healthy people. If so, make sure you’re sending out good vibes to ensure the right people to come your way.

Optimism & Opportunism

The Wheel of Fortune asks you to be optimistic and even opportunistic (in a reasonable way). Your situation really can change for the better so take time to visualise possibilities, identify opportunities and plan your approach.

Miracles and fate might just be in the making when this card arrives. But of course good things that happen around us everyday so sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to see them. Be open to opportunity and receiving and consider asking others for help. Remember we are always more powerful in numbers so consider seeking out new opportunities as a team or partnership.

Resilience & Rewards

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card also reminds us that not everything we encounter is within our control. This can be pretty unnerving at times so it’s worth arming yourself with some skills in the art of resilience. A simple search on building resilience should do it – the key is to find ways to accept and embrace change and cope with stress. Go with the flow and you’ll do just fine!

The Wheel of Fortune might indicate a crucial turning point that you can take advantage of. Perhaps you will actually instigate a major change in your life, opening doors to new opportunities. Trust your intuition and balance it with thorough investigation and logic to make the life decisions that will serve you best.

Character traits: optimistic, happy-go-lucky, emotionally intelligent, flexible, intuitive, aware, resilient, accepting.

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