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You can use TarotKey’s free online tarot readings to answer burning questions, to build hope in life and love and to glimpse what is possible in your future.

TarotKey taps into ancient wisdom to deliver much needed hope in a progessive world. Have fun with it, seek guidance and daily inspiration from it and share it – because we all need a little extra hope from time to time!

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The age of the internet has enabled us all to tap into the ‘universal mind’. Unlimited knowledge abounds as we share what we know. The result has been staggeringly fast advances and change.

But some things stay the same: PEOPLE.

People were, are and always will be creatures of mind, emotion, logic and intuition. We are good, bad, beautiful, ugly and so many iterations in between. We are on a journey to master matter; to create comfort for ourselves and others. As we navigate our time, we can all benefit from the wisdom of those who have been before us.

TarotKey Chariot Tarot Card

The Benefits

Your Life

Your life is an open book, you can choose to turn the page to see what happens next or you can take action to write the unfolding pages. A TarotKey reading can help you find meaning and purpose in a world that is forever changing and challenging us.

TarotKey not only unlocks the wisdom of the ages, but it encourages you to forge ahead using your inner wisdom, ever building your knowledge and skills for the betterment of you, your family and the community at large.

use tarotkey to unlock:-

Hope – Wisdom – Courage – Self-belief – Answers – Guidance – Direction – Support – Inspiration – Motivation – Strength


“I love using TarotKey on daily basis. I’ve got my share of challenges in life and the readings help me hold onto hope that things will get better. I often do a 3 card reading when I need help with decision making.  I find the messages I’m given help me look at things from a new perspective.”

Melinda, Regular visitor

More About You

Your Character

Identify your strengths

You can use the TarotKey cards to gain insight into your character. Perhaps you have strengths and gifts you were unaware of or have been hiding. Or perhaps the cards will reveal strengths and character traits you would like to build. Remember, our character is not set in stone. It is evolves as we do and we can take active steps improve our actions, our reputations and our outcomes.

use tarotkey to build self esteem:

Courageous – Noble – Nurturing – Inquisitive – Enthusiastic – Loving – Learned – Wise – Strong – Fair – Giving – Insightful

Which traits will you reveal?

The Empress Tarot Card

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